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How To Get WBENC WBE Certified

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How To Get WBENC WBE Certified

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How To Get WBENC WBE Certified

WBE Certification

Checklist for Required Documents for New Certifications

New Certification Checklist


Documents are to be uploaded into


Due to the situation with COVID-19, the following process is in place for all applicants (new and renewal applications):


Temporary Sworn Affidavit process  

  • If someone is unable to access a Notary, the applicant may submit the un-notarized Sworn Affidavit and it will be accepted during this crisis until further notice
  • For NEW CERTIFICATIONS and RECERTICATIONS, a notarized Sworn Affidavit will be due upon recertification next year



Mandatory Supporting Documents for New Applications:


General Information

r  Printed Summary View of application from WBENCLink

r  Signed Sworn WBENC Affidavit notarized by a 3rd party

r  WBENCLink User Agreement 3.7 – signed by majority female owner

r  Processing fee

r  History of business – personal account of when, where, why, with whom, and how the business was started/acquired

r  Professional and business license(s)

r  Resumes of owners, board of directors, and management team


Owner Eligibility

r  Evidence of gender for woman (women) owner(s) – examples include a current U.S. passport or U.S. state issued birth certificate or state issued driver’s license

r  Evidence of U.S. citizenship - examples include a current U.S. passport, U.S. birth certificate or naturalization papers, or Permanent Legal Resident Alien status (a permanent legal resident alien card)


Financial Structuring

r  Financial statements for the business of operation or length of time business has been in operation, including:

o   Profit and loss statement that aligns with the most recent tax return submitted

o   Balance sheet that aligns with the most recent tax return submitted (for a new business that has been in operation for less than one year, include an opening balance sheet)

r  Three years’ Federal Income Tax returns (NOT State), as filed with the IRS: submitting state returns will delay the processing of your file

o   Includes current and prior two years’ federal income tax returns for the business with all schedules and statements attached

o   For businesses less than three years old, substitute personal federal income tax returns for the appropriate number of years with all schedules and statements attached

o   If company has applied for an extension to file the most recent tax return, extension paperwork must be submitted

r  Please submit copies of the following documents that are currently active:

o   Debt instruments: include loan agreements, promissory notes, surety agreements, security agreements, as applicable

o   Equipment rental and purchase agreements, or proof of purchase of equipment

o   Real estate leases

r  Copy of bank signature authorization card or corporate resolution from the bank that states the company name, type of account, the names of the authorized signatories, and any stipulations/restrictions

r  Proof of capital and/or equity investment by female owner(s) – any documents or written statements indicating the method by which the female owner(s) obtained her ownership interest (e.g. cancelled checks, opening bank statement, proof of stock purchase, written statement by owner, list of contributed equipment/expertise, etc.)



r  List of all full/part time employees by name, position, and length of service/date of hire

r  Employee payroll for the month prior to submitting the application (Note: this refers only to internal employees, not those who might be leased to/from other companies)

r  W-2s and/or 1099 forms from every officer, director, or owner receiving compensation from the company for the most recent year.


Management Information

r  Trust agreement(s) that involve the majority female owner(s)

r  Employee Stock Ownership Plan Agreements (ESOPs)

r  Please submit copies of the following documents that are currently active:

o   Management/consulting agreements (agreements that influence the management and/or operations of the Applicant company)

o   Service agreements (agreements that influence the day-to-day operations, including the production and/or distribution of the Applicant’s product or service)

r  Affiliate/subsidiary agreements (if the affiliate/subsidiary company is a WBE, please include a copy of the WBE certificate; otherwise, just include the agreement)

r  Franchise agreement(s)


Legal Structure


Sole Proprietor

r  Assumed Name Documents



r  Partnership Agreements

r  Limited Partnership Certificate; if Applicant is a limited partnership, submit a certificate of existence and copy of the certificate of limited partnership issued by the state of formation

r  Buy-Out Rights Agreement

r  Profit Sharing Agreements



r  Certificate of Incorporation

r  Articles/Charter of Incorporation

r  Minutes from shareholders’ first organizational meeting and from first board of directors’ meeting

r  Minutes from the shareholders’/board of directors’ meeting establishing current ownership

r  Minutes from the most recent meeting of shareholders

r  Minutes from most recent meeting of board of directors

r  Current Corporate Bylaws with all amendments

r  Currently dated certificate from the board secretary certifying the names, titles, and gender of all current members of the board of directors

r  Both sides of ALL stock certificates

r  Record of stock certificates issued and transferred (stock transfer ledger)

r  Voting agreements and other equity interests including stock options, warrants, buy/sell agreements and right of first refusal

r  Schedule of advances made to corporation by shareholders for the preceding three years

r  If an out-of-state corporation, proof of authority to do business in the state where company is headquartered


Limited Liability Company (LLC)

r  Articles of Organization or Articles of Formation

r  Certificate of Organization/Existence/Formation (for businesses in states that issue certificates)

r  LLC Regulations and/or Operating Agreement and/or Member Agreement

r  Member List with titles and gender

r  Schedule of Advances made to LLC by members for the preceding three years

r  If an out-of-state LLC, Proof of Authority to do business in the state where LLC is headquartered






This is only if you are applying for WOSB certification:

WOSB Documents

r  WOSB Application

r  Proof of registration in, System for Award Management (Printout of Entity Overview)

r  IRS Form 941 (Quarterly Tax Return) for preceding 12 months OR W-3 (Transmittal of Wage & Tax Statements) for past year OR List of employees (if Forms 941 or W-3 are not available)



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