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WBEA Year in Review

2021 WBEA by the Numbers


WBEA Initiatives 

Certified Women Business Enterprises: 733

Total Number of Small Business Owners Served: 1,846
Revenue: $6.2 Billion


135 New First-Time Certified WBEs


Job Created: 40, 381


Corporate Members

Total Number: 22


Supplier Development Programs & Educational Seminars  

Number of Clients Served: 682

Number Programs: 10

Number of Virtual Trainings: 12


Scholarship Awards

Total dollars awarded: $9,749


Business Advising and Consultation 



Number of Clients Advised: 591

Number of Clients Trained: 638

Number of Educational Seminars: 14


WBEA WBC CARES & WBEA WBC CORE Program (2020-2021 Grant Year)

Number of Clients Served: 1,164

Women Served: 1,024

Number of Clients Advised: 503

Number of Clients Trained: 873

Number of Educational Seminars: 115

Business Financing Acquired: $6.6 mil


Community & Grant Awards

WBEA: $73,950

WBEA WBC: $27,000


7 Grants Totaling: $100,950


Social Media Metrics

Facebook Followers

     TexasWBEA: 5,184

     WBEA.SARC (San Antonio): 396

Instagram Followers

     WBEATexas: 708

Twitter Followers

     WBEATEXAS: 1,078

LinkedIn Followers

     Women's Business Enterprise Alliance: 1,404



For a copy WBEA 990 Tax Returns, email account@wbea-texas.org


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